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Who Recognizes Himself Recognizes His Lord

By Prof. Ibrahim Hassan Ali Gadaleh


Ladies and gentlemen, for your information and necessary action there are two speakers and a dumb one in every human being. One of the two speakers is totally invisible, the other speaker is visible and tangible. I am the visible speaker. I perceive things through the five sensor nerves. That is to say, I hear, see, taste, smell and feel through the said five sensory nerves to which I am tied. I am not tied to the nerves from the brain to the body. I am a physical body having weight and volume like all such bodies in space, and I live in the head of my person or body as one of the units or parts of the brain enclosed therein. I am a conscious thing and to demonstrate my consciousness I identify time, space and objects by their names for example, and as an initiator of speech within my person I actually own these ideas you are reading now, be they right or wrong to you.

Ladies and gentlemen, without speech there would be no names, there would be no teacher no student, there would be no doctor no patient and there would be
no technology of any kind, without speech there would be no expression of hatred or love and finally without speech man would have lived by instinct only just like the animals we live with on this earth.

Ladies and gentlemen, every thing we hear and see (through our external ears and eyes) disappears into our brains specifically into our individual visible speaker units where they get recorded by their, innumerable neuron cells, in other words speaking as the visible or tangible conscious speaker brain unit in the head of my person or body. Everything I perceive through my external ears and eyes for example are received by me and get recorded particularly into my innumerable neuron cells of which I am composed. For your information and necessary action my name is Heart because I am the one thing in my head or body that initially receives and transmits speech or ideas.

Ladies and gentlemen,   having by the ideas stipulated  or  discussed  above I identified myself to you partly and briefly who I am (Heart) as the visible or. tangible prime mover of speech and therefore, the owner of the ideas you are reading now, that I live or reside in the head of my person or body as one of the brain units enclosed therein, that I am connected to the body only by the sensory nerves from the body to the brain and not repeat not connected to the nerves from the brain to the body such as the motor nerves through which such organs as the head, hands, legs, tongue, lips, jaws, oesophagus, lungs, eyes, ears, bladder, penis and rectum are activated to motion or rest, I would like to introduce to you to the dumb one who by the way is not deaf before I relate to you about the invisible speaker.

Ladies and gentlemen, the dumb one like me is one of the brain units in the head of my person or body, he is a conscious thing and along with me he perceives (hears, sees, feels, tastes and smells) through the five sensory nerves to which he is also tied or connected like me (the speaker heart). But unlike me the dumb one is as well tied through the motor nerves to the body specifically to the adrenal glands only, he is a conscious thing hearing, seeing, understanding and reacting favorably or against to what ever I say VISION and AUDIO wise within the brain. However, since, he is dumb and totally incapable to utter a single spoken word, he communicates with me by touch through hormones he releases into (he blood from the adrenal glands; the said hormones have different effects upon me, for example if some one talking about me says some thing the dumb one does not really like, he releases into the blood hormones whose effect upon me is unpleasant, I feel for instance either anger, fear, or sadness, but if he is pleased with what is being said about me he ejects or releases into my blood hormones whose effect upon me is pleasant. I feel happiness and inclined to laugh, the I dumb one is a terrible impersonator; he cunningly impersonates you and me as well individually through the indiscriminate use of his hormones without our awareness. He the dumb one is determined to control us individually so that every heart says what he wants only. He is lawless and wants our hearts to be lawless like him in order to set man against man politically, socially and economically. For your information and necessary action the dumb one is the accursed Satan that Allah or God spoke about through his revealed speeches, the Gospel, the Torah and the Qur'an..

Ladies and gentlemen, our conscious speaker Heart in the head of each of us as, a unit or part of the brain does not know to the best of my knowledge that the
dumb accursed conscious Satan is also in our heads individually as a unit of our respective brains. The dumb one hears and hastely reacts to every thing said by
the conscious mind or Heart who speaks for him to say what he wants. In disobedience to his Lord. But since 1 have now understood my self who I am (heart) as the thinking conscious thing answerable to God my Lord and your Lord for any prohibited ideas expressed in writing or verbally through the mouth and the hands, I would now God willing of course like to introduce to, you to the invisible speaker with me and with you individually within our respective persons or bodies.

Ladies and Gentlemen: for your information and necessary action I the conscious speaker heart, hear the invisible speaker with me within my person repeat after me within the brain what I say, and I hear again the invisible speaker reproduce from the mouth organs (lips, tongue and jaws) what he wills of what he has already repeated after me within the brain. In other words by mentioning the mouth organs which are a part of the external body, I am virtually saying that I am incapable to bring about the motion or the rest of my mouth organs and hands as well to say what I am saying any time within the brain. Hence, I depend upon the invisible speaker with me within my person for activating the hands and the mouth organs to express clearly for me and for others verbally and in writing what he wills of what I am saying within my brain unit as the prime speaker Heart.

So Ladies and gentlemen, like wise your individual prime speaker conscious hearts totally depends like me upon the invisible immensely conscious or knowledgeable speaker with you within your respective persons to execute for you and for me what he wills of what we say to be done through the external organs already mentioned; and again repeated here for you for easy reference: Ears, Eyes, Tongue, Lips, Jaws, Esophagus, Lungs,  Bladder, Rectum,  Penis,   Head, Hands, and Legs.

Because ladies and gentlemen, we the said speaker Hearts do not possess at all the necessary power and the know how to activate to motion or rest any of the above mentioned organs in order to have our individual commands carried out. Since, we as the brain units known as Heart have no access absolutely to the actual nerves by which the said organs are activated to move or rest. Therefore the said necessary power and knowledge to bring about the motion or the rest of the body organs under discussion belongs solely to the invisible speaker (Allah) Ladies and gentlemen, having as Heart recognized through the ideas stipulated above that I am a thing that possess neither the power nor the knowledge  necessary to control my external body for example, I hereby recognize the invisible speaker with me within my person and as well with you, within your individual persons as my Lord and your Lord: misers conscious speaker Hearts.  Who feeds and waters us individually as Hearts through our external body that he alone controls their motion or rest, Who guides us through the said body who heals us when we get ill and Who created us individually and Who hears and knows what we are saying within our brain units (Hearts) and who reveals visibly (audibly and visually) through the mouth and the hands respectively verbally and in writing what he wills of what we speaker hearts are saying secretly within ourselves at the brain individually so that we communicate with each other for example. And Who creates what we make with our own hands, since He controls the motion or the rest of our hands individually.  Therefore, I surrender the control of every thing to God. And there is no God but one God.  He is Allah. Therefore, there is no God but Allah.

Ladies and gentlemen, any Heart who understood properly the theory discussed briefly above is bound to agree that everything in motion or at rest that we perceive (see, hear, smell, taste and feel) are activated to move or rest by Allah or God the initiator of the creation of everything including those we make and control with our own hands.


Ladies and Gentlemen, following a prolonged battle with the accursed Satan or devil that took me many years I recognized myself. In other words I discovered who I am. I am a receiver/transmitter of information and my name is Heart. I live in the head of my person or body as part of the brain enclosed therein, in this respect I am a tangible thing and like the rest of the brain I am composed of nerve cells known as neurons. As the sole prime speaker in my person I actually own the speech issuing from my mouth and hands.

Ladies and gentlemen apart from discovering myself as the said prime speaker I came to know as well amazingly that I am also a ruler of things which act according to my instruction although they are incapable to receive audio or vision wise what I am ordering them to do, and more amazingly I discovered that I have no power physically over the said things to alter their motions or rest as I direct them to do.

Ladies and Gentlemen, its easer said than done, to substantiate the accuracy of what said about myself as ruler of things acting according to my instructions, which they are incapable to hear and see without being forced to do so by me, which I cannot for the reasons stated earlier requires tangible proof.  Concerning about my actual existence as receiver /transmitter of information, as a prime speaker and as a ruler I think I have sufficiently enough described to you about myself as a tangible Physical thing in the head of my person as one of the units of the brain can be traced in every person by a neurologist only which I am not. Concerning the things I rule by Instructions, the said things consists entirely of specific organs of my body such as the hands, legs, lips, tongue, jaws, oesophagus, lungs, eyes, ears, nose and others. Ladies and gentlemen in the event the neurologists discovers that as explained above.

The receiver/transmitter of information or speech, Mr. Heart the speaker, who initiate for instance the instructions to the specified organs of the body to do or act as  he wishes is not connected to the nerves that activities the said organs to motion or rest as he directs, not only that but also that he is not connected to any nerves from the brain to the body.

Ladies and gentlemen as a result of the foregoing facts we are forced to conclude that by his lack of access physically to the nerves through which the body organs are caused to function as they do, our individual receiver/transmitter of information Heart in our heads as part of the brain is totally dependant to be fed, watered, transported, guided, clothed and etc, etc. upon some other being who is immensely knowledgeable and powerful and "who is with him within his person without being aware of this fact, for activating the specified organs to act according to what the speaker Heart says or directs since, Mr. Heart has no means what so ever to force his servants (the body organs) to act in accordance with his instructions.

Ladies and gentlemen I Heart in the person of IHAG which by the way stands for the full initials of my name as the writer of this paper became aware of the ever active presence of my LORD with me within my person. For which act of kindness and mercy I am deeply grateful to my LORD. But first things first, let us wait for the results of the discovery of our neurologist about Mr. Heart before we talk about anything else.